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Sustainable development

High Environmental Value

The benefits of HVE High Environmental Value agriculture

The High Environmental Value is a certification resulting from a progressive environmental approach that can be obtained by wineries. It is the result of a partnership between the various structures of the wine world (public authorities, unions, chambers of agriculture, distributors, etc.) who are concerned about the impact of agricultural practices on the environment.

Three levels for HVE certification

The HVE certification is based on various environmental performance indicators covering the entire operation. The HVE distinction can be affixed to the processed products of a farm if the products contain at least 95% of raw materials from an HVE certified farm.

The respect of essential environmental regulations and practices.
The adoption of technical practices with low environmental impact.

This is the level of Château Penin

This is the only level allowing the use of the term "High Environmental Value" or "HVE".

The mention "High Environmental Value"
certifies an operation which:

- Encourages biodiversity in order to provide a complementary network to cultures

- Preserves soil life to maintain wildlife and fertility of the plots

- Develops positive synergies with the natural environment

- Promotes the development of useful fauna, including valuable pollinators