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The Château Penin team

“Human capital is aptly named in Penin. The women and men who work here daily, through their skills, rigor, experience and ability to convey enthusiasm, create a great team. This is our wealth. "


Administrative, logistical and financial manager of the château

Seniority:  Employed since 1986

Whether you come to the estate or call on the phone, you are very likely to be in touch with her because she is at the centre of things. She shares the same passion as Patrick for the estate.

She receives and manages orders, organizes shipments both in France and internationally, takes care of administrative services relating to customs (performs invoicing, monitoring receipts and reminders).

In addition, she ensures the physical reception of customers at the cellar.

His favourite wine:

« The Tradition red, with a dish of pasta or on a beautiful steak, always the best! "


Sales representative

Seniority:  Employed since 2019

Perfectly trilingual (Spanish, French, English) of Mexican origin, he joined the team as a sales assistant to Patrick.

He welcomes customers and promotes the château's wines both in the cellar and at trade fairs and other commercial events.

Organized and methodical, he manages the back office of the commercial function by ensuring the administration and logistics of the position.

Very active in terms of communication and more particularly running our presence on social media networks. He is the one who updates of the activity of Château Penin and who answers your questions.

His favourite wine:

"The Natur Rosé, Clairet and Red wines produced without sulfites, with tapas and much more"


Cellar master

Seniority:  Employed since 2014

He has an excellent knowledge of the winemaking process and works during all the phases of the production of the wine. He runs things from the arrival of the harvest, to the control of the fermentations, the aging of the wines in barrels until final preparation for bottling.

He is responsible for the overall hygiene and sanitary condition of the cellar, barrels and wines

He works in close collaboration with Patrick to create the different vintages of Château Penin. Versatile, when the cellar work is done, he sometimes lends a hand to the vineyard team.

His favourite wine:

« Cabernet Francis a grape variety for the future, it produces a modern wine, with fruit, roundness, balance and body ... Everything is there! happiness is in the glass with Cabernet Franc”


Vineyard manager

Seniority:  Employed since 2013

He is responsible for overseeing and planning the viticultural work. He also ensures the good maintenance of the vineyard and the equipment.

He is dedicated to the improvement and optimization of practices while actively participating in the eco-citizen policy initiated at Château Penin. He ensures the sanitary quality of the grapes and the overall vineyard.

He is responsible for coordinating the permanent and seasonal teams, and organizes the work according to needs (the climate, the weather and the season).

His favourite wine:

"It's Clairet because I like to share it with friends, it is delicious and fruity and adapts to all cuisines"


Shipping manager

Seniority:  Employed since 1986

She is the longest serving employee, she knows everything about the Château, it's a bit like her second home!

Her main function is to manage shipments, and outbound orders. She takes care of the packaging, wrapping, loading and other general logistics.

Very versatile, she also participates actively in seasonal work, supporting the teams in the vineyard.

His favourite wine:

« Le rouge Les Cailloux:s my children's favourite, when they come back home for dinner, on a beautiful vine grilled barbecue rib eye steak"


Wine worker with great experience

Seniority:  Employed since 1990

The vines are her natural domain, she masters all the work from pruning to harvest. She gives very special attention to the manual work done to ensure the overall health and quality of each vine.

She knows every different plot of vines on the estate, each with its peculiarities and rhythms.

She is the driving force behind the vineyard team.

His favourite wine:

« La Grande Sélectionis the wine for lovely family meals. It goes so well with all my favourite local dishes"


Ouvrier viticole Polyvalent

Seniority: Novembre 2020

Recruté en complément de l’équipe existante il assure aussi bien les fonctions de tractoriste que d’ouvrier viticole. il apporte  également une aide précieuse au chai.

D’une grande volonté il est toujours positif et adhère aux projets de l’entreprise.

His favourite wine:

« le Blanc à l’apéritif ou sur un poisson…mais, ils ont chacun leur moment !»