"I am a lover of taste"

Passionate and full of life, Patrick has a thousand ideas an hour. He creates wines in his image with finesse and sensitivity. Always positive, his enthusiasm knows no bounds, time has no hold over him. Oenologist, he has a real natural talent as a taster and if he had not made wines, he would surely have created perfumes.

Epicurean in love with simplicityhe likes meeting and sharing. Very early on, he travelled the world to present his wines, but also to open up to others and learn from their experiences. Emotional with a big heart, he can easily be moved by a complement of his wines.

He hates grumpy people, defeatists and "a know it all"

Château PENIN is his DNA, his convictions, he shares with his team. He can count on the commitment of everyone. Performances are the result of hard work.

"Winegrower is a profession in which we spend a lot of time waiting!  

We only have one vintage a year and nine months to prepare it. "

His daily pleasure is above all being in his cellar. Tasting its vats and barrels. Dreamer, he imagines the blends, the moments of conviviality where the wines will meet you: around a beautiful table, around a barbecue, on the edge of a swimming pool or at the top of a mountain.

He makes artisan wines, real wines! The work is as respectful as possible.

Understanding the “terroirs”, expressing them, giving each wine a unique taste signature transcending the present moment.
All that matters is what's in the bottle.

"You can't make a great wine without good grapes"

A landlord by birth and heart, he is the guarantor of Château Penin’s sustainable viticulture.

Pragmatic, he implements reasoned agroecology practices to maintain; economic, environmental and human balances.

In the bottles: grape juice, time… and a lot of passion.

My favourite PENIN cuvée:

« All of them, because they each have their own identity. I imagined and created them for the great moments in life, like when having a drink with friends. The wines are of course seductive, silky and elegant, powerful and fleshy or generous and crunchy. In any case, always imagined for sharing and giving pleasure. "